Volunteer of the month – Jafarr

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing our volunteers’ personal stories – how they got involved in FoodCycle, what motivates them, and the different challenges they’ve taken on to raise awareness of food waste and food poverty. So, without further ado here’s the first in our new series. Jafarr joined FoodCycle about 4 months ago, and has been a regular fixture in the kitchen ever since. This weekend he took on the Cambridge Half Marathon to raise money for FoodCycle. Over to you, Jaf…

Brief intro – I’m Jafarr (pronounced, “Jaffa” as in Jaffa Cakes). I moved to Cambridge just over a year ago to start a graduate job. I started volunteering for FoodCycle back in November. The idea of collecting and cooking food that would otherwise be wasted to help feed those at risk of food poverty struck a chord.

Even though I’m a complete amateur, I’m a huge fan of cooking and I try and cook something I’ve never tried every weekend. So, volunteering a few hours on Saturday mornings (which would have otherwise been spent sleeping) was a no brainer!

I have learnt many skills during my time volunteering for FoodCycle – I mean, aren’t we all forever students? The art of conjuring up a meal from a random selection of ingredients is a something I had previously little confidence in doing. A special thanks to Alex and the other hub leaders who have inspired me to occasionally try cooking like this myself.

Being part of the cooking team has also honed my food preparation skills – “pro Brussel sprout peeler” is now going on to my CV.

Somewhat stupidly, I let a work colleague convince me to run the Cambridge Half Marathon this weekend. Only a half marathon, mind you, because I’m only half stupid!

I decided to raise money for three charities, including FoodCycle – and I’ve already reached over £640 thanks to generous donations by friends, family and work colleagues. I’d still like to raise a bit more if possible, so please goto my online fundraising page here. Donations of any size are very welcome, and will go to support some fantastic charities.


Jaf (Brussels sprout peeler and custard maker extraordinaire)


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