Breadline Challenge Day 4

Pancakes make everything better…

Breakfast:  Banana and mushroom pancakes (66.3p)

I’d decided to treat myself at breakfast today – and I don’t mean another of those *delicious* smoothies.  Pancakes, that’s what I’m talking about.  In my haste to get some food on the plate, the batter wasn’t as smooth as it should have been , but I really couldn’t bring myself to care – and I certainly wasn’t going to waste a scrap.  Not even the infamous Test Pancake.  There’s a nagging little voice in the back of my head telling me I’m going to regret this when it comes to dinner on the last night of my challenge (Monday), but I went all out and had mushroom as well as bananas.  Not in the same pancake, I reassured a concerned friend.


Two delicious (if rather extravagant) pancakes and a lovely hot cup of tea, huddled under a blanket listening to the filthy weather outside.  All in all, pretty happy this morning.  If I’d been working this week, and had more demands on my time, I think it’d have been a whole other story though.  I’d probably be a lot more knackered, and less able to take time over my food.  Time is a luxury a lot of low-income working families just don’t have.

Lunch:  ‘Spinach’ and mushroom risotto with fried lemon breadcrumbs (70p per portion)


Dinner:  Leftover soup and a side order of cake torture

I have absolutely no idea how people can do this challenge and work in a kitchen.  Being around food all day – and not being able to eat it – must be so, so difficult.

Just like on Wednesday, I found my willpower sorely tested once again this evening when I went and cooked at St Paul’s – a longstanding arrangement with the vicar there to provide catering for a speaker event.  It was a really lovely evening and, once again, I enjoyed chatting with people about FoodCycle and what we do.  I didn’t even mind forgetting to take my leftover soup with me, because I’d had lunch quite late and eaten a lot of rice, so I was still pretty full.  Carrot and apple soup, roast veg lasagne with salad, and whole orange and almond cake with cinnamon cream for 20.  Yep, I’d totally got this.

Everything was going swimmingly until the cakes came out of the oven.

This particular orange cake is one of my absolute favourites(partly because it smells like a bit like Christmas).  I love it so much that earlier I’d practically thrown the bowl into the sink and doused it with washing up liquid to stop myself from eating the leftover mixture.  As I sliced up the (still warm) finished article and put it out on plates, I suddenly felt almost irrationally hungry.  Ridiculous, because I was still full.  It was purely because I knew I couldn’t eat the cake.  My inner child having a little tantrum, I suppose.

Anyway, in the end I put on my big girl boots, finished the washing up and brought the last slice home for the marmite thief.

Back to The List…

When I got in from the catering job, I sat down to finish writing this post and make a proper plan for the rest of the week.  I’ve pretty much stuck to The List, but one or two extravangances have meant a slight rethink.  There’s not that much food left, but I’m pretty confident I can stretch it out until Monday evening.  I reckon I can even get some pretty decent – if slightly repetitive – meals out of it (a friend asked me earlier this evening if I’d overdosed on mushrooms yet).

Even so, I’m still seriously contemplating making these peanut butter and mashed potato *treats* that I found on a web site rather optimistically entitled Shockingly Delicious.


Frankly, I’m sceptical.  But I’ll let you know how they turn out…


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